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HypertronicS IT SOLUTIONS: Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365

Hosted Exchange. For a small monthly fee you can have all the email functionality that was previously only available to big organisations. Sync mail between all your devices, share calendars with workmates, enjoy enhanced security and minimal spam. Available in various plans which can include Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) for online use or with other plans you can install the full Office package on up to 5 devices.


Cloud backup

It’s essential to make regular backups of your data but that’s not always easy to achieve, especially storing the backups safely offsite. We can provide a cloud backup system that automatically encrypts your data and sends it via the internet to be stored in certified data centres. Easy, safe, reliable and cost effective – please ring for a quote.


Virtual Private Servers

This can be the ideal solution for growing companies or those that experience sporadic demand. Using virtual servers in the cloud you can avoid the major upfront cost of server hardware and you can easily increase or decrease system resources to meet your business needs – you just pay for what you need, when you need it.

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